Matthew Schabath, PhD

Matthew Schabath
Disparities Co-Vice Chairman

Dr. Matthew Schabath is a Moffitt Distinguished Scholar, Co-Leader of the Cancer Epidemiology Program, and Senior Member in the Departments of Cancer Epidemiology and Thoracic Oncology at Moffitt Cancer Center (Tampa, FL). Dr. Schabath has published over 230 peer-reviewed papers and has research expertise in molecular epidemiology, quantitative imaging/radiomics, and cancer care disparities among LGBTQ+ populations. Dr. Schabath is one of the first epidemiologists to conduct research utilizing artificial intelligence approaches to analyze medical images to identify image-based biomarkers for clinical decision support. With respect to LGBTQ+ cancer disparities, Dr. Schabath conducted numerous studies that revealed cancer care providers had limited knowledge about LGBTQ+ health care needs but a high interest in receiving education regarding these communities. As such, he co-led the development of the first-ever educational curriculum for cultural sensitivity for oncologists called COLORS (Curriculum for Oncologists on LGBT populations to Optimize Relevance & Skills). To test the efficacy of COLORS, we co-led two single arm trials and a randomized pragmatic trial which showed COLORS was effective at improving knowledge, attitudes, and affirming practices regarding the care of LGBTQ+ populations. He is also conducting studies identifying real-world care disparities and inequity among LGBTQ+ cancer patients. The results from these studies will be utilized to develop interventions to mitigate disparities and inequity among LGBTQ+ cancer patients.

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