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The Florida Society of Clinical Oncology – FLASCO

FLASCO is a member-supported state society that focuses on providing education, timely dissemination of pertinent information, and general support to Florida oncology healthcare professionals.

Our members across various disciplines benefit from sharing knowledge and mutual consultation, which offers patients the greatest hope. FLASCO provides a united platform to encourage, enhance, and empower collaboration.

Like any hero, every oncology clinician needs a sidekick. FLASCO is that unwavering, trusted partner. As tireless patient advocates, we lead state legislative efforts, champion cancer research, and secure funding to advance the future of oncology and develop tomorrow’s leaders.

We wade through the bureaucratic waters that threaten to dilute the sole purpose of oncology professionals – to treat cancer. We battle for our members and patients, providing direct support whenever needed. We provide oncology experts with the network, intellectual resources, and support to give patients the highest quality of care.

FLASCO serves all areas of oncology and all clinician types, from oncologists to pharmacists, to physician assistants, to social workers and admins; we are The Voice of Oncology in Florida

FLASCO Organization

  • Board of Directors (up to 45 members)
  • Executive Committee (Officers and Committee Chairmen from 7 standing committees)
  • Presidential Appointees
  • Committee Members
  • General Members
  • Corporate Members


Currently FLASCO is financially supported by corporate memberships and private donations.  In an effort to increase engagement among physicians, clinicians and administration (including attendance at events), the FLASCO Board of Directors agreed to extend complimentary membership for all Florida physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and office staff from practices, academic centers, and hospitals in the oncology community through December 31, 2024.

FLASCO Mission Statement

The Florida Society of Clinical Oncology is a statewide non-profit organization committed to facilitating and promoting multidisciplinary efforts to improve patient care in Florida by:

  • Fostering access to quality cancer care to the citizens of Florida.
  • Assisting the cancer practitioners in providing the most cost effective quality care for their patients.
  • Acting as an advocate for Florida cancer patients and their families.
  • Coordinating the dissemination of information and providing an opportunity for oncologists, physicians, and other health care professionals to network and exchange information.


Many FLASCO members are passionate, service driven people with great ideas. Together we are able to put into motion strategies that help us accomplish the FLASCO mission. FLASCO has successfully implemented multiple initiatives over the last decade including, but not limited to, a cancer clinical trails network, disease specific educational seminars for patients, and supporting Puerto Rico as they began the process of building an oncology network.

FLASCO realizes the importance of carrying our mission into the future by supporting Florida fellows and residents. FLASCO has funded several Florida Fellows through the Young Investigator Award ($60,000) organized through the ASCO Conquer Cancer Foundation. 10 Fellow/Residents are recognized during the Spring or Fall Session meetings. Travel Awards ($1,500) provide monetary assistance to national annual meetings. The recognition, networking and display of their work are all necessary steps to finding a permanent home to serve the cancer patients of Florida.


The FLASCO focus includes legislative efforts.  FLASCO brings a unified Florida voice, in collaboration with the Florida Medical Association, American Cancer Society, and/or the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society, on behalf of Florida cancer patients. FLASCO has also partnered with ASCO, ASH, ACCC and COA at the national level in recent events such as Capitol Hill Day.  As the voice of oncology in Florida, we are a well-connected organization – intricately interconnected with legislators, insurance companies, pharmaceutical entities and larger health care community. We are not only representatives of our industry, but also relentless advocates for the health and well-being of our patients.

Education Dissemination

FLASCO provides two educational sessions for its members per year covering scientific and business of oncology topics. In addition, each year FLASCO holds a Business of Oncology Summit for our members whose primary focus is the challenges related to reimbursement.  FLASCO partners with oncology centers around the state and national and state societies to co-sponsor events such as the Best of ASCO® and the Great Strides Together. FLASCO is represented at nationally organized conferences to build the relationships that carry the voice of Florida further.

The FLASCO Frontline is a weekly eNewsletter distributed to both general and corporate members, national and state society partners, and many insurance payers. Timely pertinent oncology information is delivered along with member news and accomplishments and dates and locations of national, regional, and local educational events.

Stay at the forefront of oncology with the refreshed FLASCO Frontline – where innovation meets information!


With today’s evolving healthcare revolution, the Clinical Practice Committee, CPC, is the most active.  Members of this committee have forged strong working relationships with First Coast Service Options, Florida Blue, Aetna, United HealthCare and Humana. This committee addresses the issues submitted by FLASCO members that involve reimbursement and other medical challenges.  Within this working committee there are CAC representatives established for both oncology and hematology that provide input to FCSO, the current Florida MAC, for draft LCDs pertaining to oncology. Once a year several memberts from the CPC meet with the payer medical directors to express the concerns and opportunities to collaboratively solve conflicts between the entities of our medical system.

Thank you for helping The Florida Society of Clinical Oncology serve as the “Voice of Oncology in Florida”

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