Florida Society of Clinical Oncology Cardio-Oncology Initiative

In collaboration with the Florida Chapter of the American College of Cardio oncology, FLASCO has worked to identify knowledge gaps in cardio-oncology. The intent of this partnership is to bring awareness of the gaps in knowledge and provide that education in order to provide better care to oncology patients. 

To ascertain the needs during the added challenge of COVID19, our collaboration surveyed oncologists around the world in spring to early summer 2020. This document summarizes the research results. The collected information was shared with educators across the globe to assist with closing the gaps and building a standard of care.

In 2019 a survey was rendered to the Florida oncologists. This survey is summarized below and resulted in a publication in the journal, Springer Nature. The title “Reaching Across the Aisle: Cardio-Oncology Advocacy and Program Building“, expresses the goal of our collaboration, working together to better patient care outcomes. Click this link to read the article.

Thank you to the FLASCO members that participated in the cardio-oncology survey. Key highlights include:

  • 50%  said there are no Cardio Oncology Services in their community, 42% said yes, 8% didn’t even know.
  • From those who said yes (they have CO services in their community), 66% have not referred any patients to them.
  • 90% said CO services are of value to their communities

This successful collaboration began with a survey and has resulted in the development of a series of information cards used to increase the awareness of cardio-oncology issues.

These Cardio-Oncology Information Cards are timely educational materials with reviews of important clinical subjects, brief outlines of what to be aware of, and a few selected references that can be reviewed quickly to help increase awareness of cardio-oncology issues. Download and Share them today.

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