Coherus Biosciences

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Coherus is led by a team of biotech industry pioneers focused on disrupting the status-quo and driving tangible change in healthcare. Many of our leaders were directly involved in developing, manufacturing, and commercializing blockbuster biologics that elevated biologics from niche to mainstream medicine.

Today, the team is unlocking the true potential of this category and speeding the evolution of important medicines from biologics to biosimilars.

The goal of a biosimilar development program is to demonstrate biosimilarity between a proposed biosimilar product and the reference product, not to independently establish the safety and efficacy of the biosimilar product.


Your one stop for UDENYCATM patient access and reimbursement support
At Coherus BioSciences, we’re committed to ensuring that patients have access to biologics such as UDENYCATM. Coherus COMPLETETM provides patient support services and programs designed to assist with patient access. Visit the Coherus Complete TM website for more information


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