In Memory of Dr. Robert Cassell

Dr. Cassell

With heavy hearts, FLASCO is saddened to announce the passing of longtime FLASCO member, Robert ‘Bob’ Cassell, MD, PhD.  Dr. Cassell passed away Tuesday, June 30th in Winter Haven, Florida, after battling COVID.

 Dr. Cassell was a longtime member of FLASCO, serving on the Board of Directors for many years, and as FLASCO President from 2007-2009. He was currently serving as FLASCO Foundation President, FLASCO’s Director of Fellow Outreach, FLASCO’s CAC Representative and a long-standing member of the Florida Cancer Control and Research Advisory Council (CCRAB).

A graduate of Harvard University and the Duke University School of Medicine, Dr. Cassell began practicing in the Winter Haven area in 1984. After retiring from his daily practice in 2016, Dr. Cassell continued to tirelessly champion his beloved profession and patients.

We are thankful for his outstanding leadership, friendship, guidance, and wisdom. He will be greatly missed by the FLASCO family, the oncology workforce, and his community. Dr. Cassell continuously upheld values of trust, caring, commitment, excellence, and kindness. A lifelong learner himself, we are especially thankful for the passion he carried in his heart for educating and training Oncology Fellows.  Dr. Cassell has been an impactful leader and advocate for oncology patients and providers throughout his career. His contributions have greatly influenced FLASCO and FLASCO Foundation, and will continue to guide us for years to come.

We are incredibly grateful for the many years of memories we’ve shared, and will now cherish, with Dr. Cassell. He will be deeply missed.

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