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Copay Assistance Use and Prescription Abandonment Across Race, Ethnicity, or Household Income Levels for Select Rheumatoid Arthritis and Oral Oncolytic Medicines

Disparities in prescription abandonment may exacerbate health inequities. Whether copay assistance is associated with changes in prescription abandonment across different patient groups is unknown. One study examines copay assistance, prescription abandonment, and equity among autoimmune drugs and oral oncolytics:

  • Black, Hispanic, and lower income patients taking autoimmune (RA) medicines were more likely to abandon their prescriptions if not using copay assistance
  • Lower income patients taking oral oncolytic were more likely to use copay assistance but also more likely to abandon their prescriptions if not taking copay assistance
  • Patients using copay assistance had 71-79% lower odds of prescription abandonment, which was consistent across race/ethnicities and income levels, suggesting a potential equity effect/impact of copay assistance

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