Gainesville Cancer Center Offers Community Trial Navigation for Local Clinical Research Trials

  • March 28, 2018

GAINESVILLE, FL – March 28th, 2018. . . . Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute (FCS), is pleased to announce the availability of a local Trial Navigator at Gainesville Cancer Center(GCC), located at 6420 W. Newberry Road, East Wing-Suite 100, Gainesville, FL.  Offering comprehensive care and a wide range of treatments, Gainesville Cancer Center has an established record of broad clinical research on all types of cancer. With the local Trial Navigator, patients can now search for and learn about clinical trials that are offered in the local North Florida community.  Currently, there are over 50 clinical trials being offered at GCC. To access the Trial Navigator for Gainesville Cancer Center, go to

Gainesville medical oncologist Dr. Lucio Gordan is a strong supporter of clinical research and encourages patients to ask their oncologist if they might qualify for a clinical trial. “Patients obviously deserve the best care,” Dr. Gordan says, “and that includes access to national clinical trials.  We always look for an appropriate clinical trial that can improve outcomes and possibly even provide a cure.  In the meanwhile, we try to stall the progression of the cancer, maintain the quality of life and perform excellent symptom control in the hopes of a new modality or drug.  And this is not a theoretical idea; we see patients all the time who are getting amazing outcomes with new immunotherapies or other targeted treatments that came from clinical trials.”

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