Foundation Medicine Launches Blood-Based Liquid Biopsy, FoundationACT

foundation medicine


Foundation Medicine has launched a new assay, FoundationACT (Assay for Circulating Tumor DNA), a rigorously validated and highly accurate blood-based circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) assay that provides patients and oncologists with a new option for comprehensive genomic profiling when a tissue biopsy is not feasible or when tissue is not available. By analyzing cell-free DNA isolated from a patient’s blood, FoundationACT can identify clinically relevant genomic alterations and, like Foundation Medicine’s tissue-based genomic profiles, FoundationOne® and FoundationOne Heme®, deliver this complex molecular information in a concise report that matches molecular alterations with potentially relevant treatment options, including clinical trials.


FoundationACT, which launched to Foundation Medicine’s pharmaceutical partners for research use in December 2015, was designed to interrogate specific coding regions across 34 genes, entire coding regions across 27 genes and select rearrangements across six genes, and it has been optimized for sensitivity and specificity of base substitutions, indels, and genomic rearrangements. The assay is intended for patients with advanced solid malignancies who do not have tissue available for testing.


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