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Third week of April is Minority Cancer Awareness Week

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Strategies for Reducing Health Disparities

A major goal of public health is to reduce health disparities. The programs described in the MMWR Supplement, Strategies for Reducing Health Disparities—Selected CDC-Sponsored Interventions, United States, 2016, are examples of CDC-sponsored initiatives that address health disparities with the goal of advancing health equity.


ASCO Report Outlines Progress Made Toward Reducing Cancer Disparities For LGBTQ+ Individuals

In a new report, ASCO highlighted progress that has been made toward reducing disparities in cancer health among sexual and gender minority (SGM) individuals, although they stressed that additional progress is still needed in this area. The report, which was published in JCO Oncology Practice, served as an update on ASCO’s 2017 position statement “Strategies...

Cleveland Clinic of Florida

S1826 clinical trial for advanced Hodgkin lymphoma

Accrual of the S1826 clinical trial for advanced Hodgkin lymphoma will likely shift treatment modality. Remarkable was the diversity reported for the collaborative study for the first time of the adult and pediatric cooperative research groups.It was the largest Hodgkin lymphoma trial conducted by the National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) with a highly representative group:...


Genentech: Diversity & Inclusion

We firmly believe that embracing diversity and inclusion (D&I) drives innovation, improves scientific and clinical outcomes, and contributes to equitable healthcare access for all. Here at Genentech, that means fostering belonging within our own walls, advancing inclusive research and health equity in our industry at-large, and transforming society through partnerships across healthcare, education and within all communities. Please learn more HERE.


CancerCoachLive Offers Webinars On Health Equity

CancerCoachLive partners with leading clinical specialists and advocacy organizations to bring free online education to cancer patients and caregivers. CancerCoachLive’s programs are broadcast live through our virtual learning channel, including a panel of experts, interactive Q&A, polling and slides for an immersive learning experience. All of their programmings are available on demand following the live...

JCO Oncology Practice

Toward Achieving Equity in Cancer Clinical Trials

“Racial and ethnic minorities who are traditionally underrepresented in clinical trials have also had worse clinical outcomes over time. Black patients, for example, have a clinical trial enrollment rate of 4%-6% despite representing 15% of the population and have the highest overall cancer death rate. It has been established that numerous barriers to clinical trial participation exist at...

Health Equity Train the Trainer Program

Health Equity Train the Trainer Program, an award-winning training program that is funded by the Florida Blue Foundation, in partnership with Orlando Health, Moffitt Cancer Center, and United Way Broward is a six-week long program with a 10-hour time commitment. There are two live zoom sessions (5 hours total) and 6 modules (5 hours total)...


2022 Cancer Disparities & Health Equity Summit

Professionals from academia, industry, and the community are coming together with the shared mission of closing health equity gaps and developing and sustaining diversity and inclusion efforts in the health system of Florida. Together they will promote the exchange of novel ideas, discuss the latest findings in the field, and stimulate the development of new research, advocacy, and policy on cancer disparities.


Patient, Caregiver, and Oncologist Experiences With and Perceptions of Racial Bias and Discrimination in Cancer Care Delivery

J Natl Compr Canc Netw. 2022;20(10):1092-1098.e2. Schatz AA, Brooks-Coley K, Harrington E, Murray MS, Carlson RW. Cancer prevention and treatment systems are significantly impacted by interpersonal, organizational, and structural and systemic racism. A wide body of research has found that racial disparities in access to guideline-adherent cancer care are pervasive throughout the United States and...



Cancer Treatment Disparities | AACR Cancer Disparities Progess Report 2020

American Cancer Society’s report on the status of cancer disparities in the United States, 2021.

Cancer statistics for African American/Black People 2022

Cancer statistics for the US Hispanic/Latino population, 2021

Recommendations on Eliminating Racial Disparities in Multiple Myeloma Therapies: A Step toward Achieving Equity in Healthcare.

Cancer Disparities and Health Equity: A Policy Statement From the American Society of Clinical Oncology


Advancing Health Equity: A Guide to Language, Narrative and Concepts

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