Cardio Oncology

Florida Society of Clinical Oncology Cardio-Oncology Initiative

In collaboration with the Florida Chapter of the American College of Cardio oncology, FLASCO has worked to identify knowledge gaps in cardio-oncology. This successful collaboration began with a survey  and  has resulted in the development of a series of information cards used to increase the awareness of cardio-oncology issues.

Thank you to the FLASCO members that participated in the cardio-oncology survey. Key highlights include:

  • 50%  said there are no Cardio Oncology Services in their community, 42% said yes, 8% didn’t even know.
  • From those who said yes (they have CO services in their community), 66% have not referred any patients to them.
  • 90% said CO services are of value to their communities

These Cardio-Oncology Information Cards are timely educational materials with reviews of important clinical subjects, brief outlines of what to be aware of, and a few selected references that can be reviewed quickly to help increase awareness of cardio-oncology issues. Download and Share them today.

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