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Founded in March 2015, EUSA Pharma is a profitable specialty pharmaceutical company with global reach from its headquarters in the UK and its commercial operations across Europe and the USA. EUSA Pharma is a rapidly growing while staying focused in oncology and rare disease.

Our mission at EUSA is that we are passionate and committed to make our products globally available to enable patients to  live and embrace life.

Currently, EUSA Pharma has an oncology portfolio of four approved products, including: Sylvant®, Qarziba®, Fotivda®, and Caphasol®.  Both Sylvant® and Caphasol® are available in the US.  For further information please see full prescribing information or visit .

In addition to direct commercial operations across the EU and US, EUSA Pharma also has a wide distribution network of commercial partners in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America and makes products available in approximately 40 countries across the world through this broad international platform.

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